1. Jesus Is The Center

(We make Him the center of everything we do)


2. People Are The Purpose

(People are the reason we do what we do)


3. We Live By Faith

(We believe the unbelievable and expect the impossible)


4. We Are Spiritual Contributors, not Consumers

(We are not news reporters… we are news makers)


5. We Are Courageous Risk-takers

(We capitalize on the opportunities God gives us)


6. We Focus On Excellence

(We always bring our best which honors God and inspires people)


7. We Are Continually Growing

(Because others need what God can do through us)


8. We Remain Teachable

(This is the key to our personal growth and development)


9. We Promote Unity

(By protecting the house, it’s leadership, and the vision)


10. We Laugh Often

(We love serving God with people we love)